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Glow Guide by Kryptid Glow Guide by Kryptid
This is meant to be a reference for others (and myself) on how to produce certain glow effects using Paint.NET. I may add more with time.

All of these examples start out with a white circle 100 pixels across. This white circle is then duplicated 3 times: one for light blue, one for medium blue, and one for dark blue. The RGB values I used for these blues are as follows: Light blue (R: 127, G: 201, B: 255), Medium blue (R: 0, G: 148, B: 255), Dark blue (R: 0, G: 38, B: 255).

Make sure that the white circle is in a layer above the light blue circle. Lightwise, light blue should be above medium blue, and medium blue above dark blue. That is the base for all of these glows. In some cases, these layers may be duplicated.

To make the first glow (first in the top row), I kept the white circle unchanged. I used Gaussian blur on the light blue layer with a radius of 10 pixels. The medium blue layer was blurred 15 pixels. The dark blue layer was blurred to 20 pixels. The format I will use to illustrate this in the following samples will be as follows:

Row 1, Glow 1
White: Unchanged
Light Blue: Blur 10
Medium Blue: Blur 15
Dark Blue: Blur 20

When a layer is duplicated, it will have a number 2 beside it. Take note, the layer was duplicated BEFORE it was blurred. Now for the other glows:

Row 1, Glow 2
White: Unchanged
White 2: Blur 10
Light Blue: Blur 15
Light Blue 2: Blur 20
Medium Blue: Blur 25
Medium Blue 2: Blur 30
Dark Blue: Blur 35
Dark Blue 2: Blur 40

Row 1, Glow 3
White: Blur 10
White 2: Blur 15
Light Blue: Blur 20
Light Blue 2: Blur 25
Medium Blue: Blur 30
Medium Blue 2: Blur 35
Dark Blue: Blur 40
Dark Blue 2: Blur 45

Row 1, Glow 4
Same as Row 1, Glow 3, but with layers merged and the dents plug-in set to the following values:

Scale: 5
Refraction: 50
Roughness: 10
Tension: 10
Quality: 2

Row 2, Glow 1
Same as Row 1, Glow 3, but with layers merged and the dents plug-in set to the following values:

Scale: 35
Refraction: 15
Roughness: 12
Tension: 6
Quality: 2
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